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"Do you fear death?"
The question loomed in the air before my body, as if a sword looming over someone almost conquered by their enemy. But I looked down at my hands and then back up, only to say, "Have you ever felt the pain of watching two lovers embrace at the end of a movie? It's supposed to be a happy ending. But your heart tells your lungs to stop breathing for just a minute…because it will never ever be yours."
"Do you fear death?"
A question repeated deserves an answer. But instead, my trembling hands sat clenched on my lap, the blue ink like veins showing through the frail covering that might rip apart any second. "Do you know what it's like to wake up in the middle of the night to hear a song, just to remind yourself, you're going to be all right? Over and over again…until it doesn't work anymore."
"Do you fear death?"
The invisible chain linked through my fingers, and I closed my tired eyes, this time, hearing the impatience in th
:iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 1,359 469
Dead Wrong
Dear Boy with the Broken Eyes.
Just because they have always said it, things have always been difficult. And they are right. Life has always been difficult. Things will never happen the way you want them to happen. Broken hearts are so much easier to find than mended ones. And dreams? Well, if the world ran on dreams, we'd be building a whole new universe already, just to escape our own jaded one.
When I met you, you had already seen the worst of this world. They told you that you were not allowed to love because you couldn't do it the right way. They informed you that you weren't a poet, just a vagabond with tragic fingers on a broken instrument. They explained to you that you couldn't rise above anything because you just weren't special. And that every step of the way, they would be breaking you down, just to watch you fall.
Of course, they didn't mention that when you speak, your voice holds a lost song within it. And when you sleep, your guitar is an inch away from yo
:iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 202 71
the entertainer. by Sea-of-Ice the entertainer. :iconsea-of-ice:Sea-of-Ice 2,779 271 shaper of dreams. by Sea-of-Ice shaper of dreams. :iconsea-of-ice:Sea-of-Ice 6,135 406




i hate when the phone rang.
no matters for what reason
sometimes i hope that it will ring
and said those things i want to hear
but it never happen

i hate when you call
there is nothing but reasons
and those words to make me cry
but you never know, you never meant it

i hate when i have to talk to you
all those sad words and sentences
all those try to understand and help
and all end up with you said nothing you can do

i hate when you said those things
to be brave, to understand, to be strong
to endure, to try again, to sacrifice
to stay, to forget, to be anything but my self

i hate when i am all alone at night
but i alone 6 nights a week
8 hours a night
no, i don't sleep, i cry, i weep

i hate when i keep trying to tell my self
to be strong, to smile, to laugh
to joke, to accept, and to die
i am not living my life anyway

i try to tell my self all those happy things in the world
having another negotiation with my self, to give my self a chance
telling my self i am strong, silly but lucky
then phone rings, negotiation off.

i hate when i keep repeating history
tears after tears
night after night
die after dead so many times
when i thought i will run out tears, but i shed again
and when i thought i will never run out tears, i never shed
no more tears
as no more dreams to hold, no more heart to save, no more home to run away

i m not here
i m not there
i m not me
i m not you
i m not living
i m not dying
i m simply not I

(but who cares?)
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